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The Definitive Guide to Managing Record-to-Report in 2024

by Sushil Ghorpade
What is R2R?

Record to Report (R2R) is a finance and accounting process.

It involves collecting, processing,…

A Beginner's Guide to Mastering Order to Cash

by Sushil Ghorpade
What is Order to Cash?

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes once you click that "Buy Now" button?…

Exela FAO and Rathi Rathi & Co. Partnership Sets New Bar for Financial Excellence

by Sushil Ghorpade

In the rich archives of business history, famous partnerships have often resulted in groundbreaking collaborations…

Reverse-Engineering Business Success through P2P Automation

by Sushil Ghorpade

Procure-to-pay (P2P) is a critical business process that impacts nearly every organization. As a strategic approach…

Explain Like I'm Five: 5 Complex Business & Finance Terminologies

by Sushil

Let's say you want to buy a used car from eBay.

You find a car you like and make an…

Unlocking Business Value with FAO Services

by Avantika Joglekar
What does FAO stand for?

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing or FAO service, essentially, is the transfer of ownership…