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The Pillars of Our FAO Services


Exela's EON is robotic process automation as a service, which creates a virtual workforce for your business that operates alongside humans to automate structured and repetitive computer-based tasks. Automate your business processes using a graphical user interface powered with Exela's cognitive engines.

Exela’s EON Solution Enabled with BPM Layer

Data Extraction

  • Unattended BOTS to carry out data extraction from various source data of client systems.
  • BOT accepts payment files from several different partner portals in different layouts and file formats

Data Cleansing

  • The BOT performs standardization of input data and generates a unified report with all individual line items from the payment files.

Data Reconciliation

  • The BOTS carries out these reconciliations in auto-match format & generates data that is viewable in the form of a drill-down dashboard.
  • The BOT analyzes payment data received from PG/FA and compares it with client records to identify unreconciled transactions.

Open Items Workflow and Clearance

  • BPM solution with a web-based workflow platform enables the handling of exceptions and resolves disputes that arise as part of the fallout of the auto reconciliation process.
  • As part of BPM, auto trigger & alert mechanisms of exception line items enable the payment gateway and other aggregators to resolve issues with a quick turnaround time.
  • BOT generates a summary of outstanding unreconciled payments and their current status

Profile Configuration for Drive Closure of Open Items

  • Various user profiles ensure adherence to workflow guidelines set by the client.
  • The reconciliation engine uses a configurable rule engine that enables dynamic changes to recon rules to increase the auto-match percentage.