Captive FP&A Offerings

Captive FP&A Framework

As-Is Process

FP&A Analytics

  • Business & project requirement analysis 
  • Operating, cash & capital budget analysis 
  • Forecasting vs. actual budget analysis 
  • Use of big data & ML models to predict the business & revenue movement forecasting

Billing and P&L Allocation

  • Complete billing cycle management 
  • Revenue cycle management 
  • Profitability, margin & cost allocation analysis 
  • P&L movement analysis 
  • Analytics to determine profitability margin, budget forecasting, variance trend analysis, and P&L movements

Project Cycle Management

  • Complete pricing & commercial for deals 
  • RFP lifecycle, along with bid management 
  • Markup, ROI & gain sharing model preparation & analysis 
  • Cost of development, service cost, and net profit analysis

WFM MIS Cycle Management

  • Project billing management & tracking
  • Productivity, cycle time, and overhead tracking 
  • Headcount & resource utilization analysis 
  • Reconciliations in terms of headcount, productivity, and time tracking for project-wise billing & cost analysis

Regulatory Reporting

  • Actual vs. budgeted analysis 
  • Forecasting movement analysis - variance 
  • Operating budget deck 
  • Quarterly business review - P&L Analysis 
  • Historic and past trend analysis of cost & budget allocation

Internal Audit Management

  • Cost allocation and service cost movement tracking 
  • Complete monitoring of monthly budget movement 
  • Capex movement tracking & validation with CIP capitalization 
  • P&L variance supporting analysis along with actual vs. budgeted reconciliations with supporting

Pricing & Commercial

  • Detailed market analysis of inflation rate across industries 
  • CPI index analysis, along with IT sector benchmarking 
  • Operating cost + markup + margin + pass-through cost model 
  • Cost of living index (COLA) assessment & evaluation - ROI & gain sharing model

Billing & Corporate Revenue Accounting

  • Complete tracking of the sales cycle in terms of new customer acquisition 
  • Existing FTE/transaction/fix rate-wise billing preparation, tracking & control governance 
  • Ensuring the revenue figures are moving ahead in the right direction without any delay or deviation 
  • Complete revenue reconciliation for BU, client, and region